Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Going to the doctor

You know when that day comes and you need to go to the doctor for your annual, or bi-annual, or 10-year checkup...

You get up early, gather up everyone that is going, and make every effort to beat the rush.

But, despite your best efforts, it seems like everyone has decided that this is the day for annual checkups, and it's like a stampede has converged on the doctor's office.

 You finally get in, are given a number,

 and get settled in the waiting room, where there is at least one crying kid.

 The nurse is unimpressed with something that day, and does nothing to calm your nerves, which are fried by the crying kid(s), uncaring mothers of said kid(s), long wait and general ambiance of the doctors office.

The doctor finally shows up, naturally a half hour to hour later than your appointment was scheduled for, and drags in all his equipment from the previous patient.

 You have to hop onto/into the uncomfortable patient table,

 And the doctor performs "unintrusive, minor" poking and prodding to ensure you're in good health.

 You get updated on any of your shots if you need them,

 and discuss any other medications you're taking.

 You leave exhausted, wondering how in the world you managed to pick such a busy day...again,

Then go home and eat comfort food to console yourself until next year.

Ya, my uncle's cows completely understand this week.

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