Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunny and 25

It's sunny and 25 degrees above zero this morning - the only morning, or day for that matter, expected to get this warm for over a week. We have 19 calves on the ground, my dachshund is rolling around in the sunny spot on the floor, I've had to two homemade lattes, talked to a handful of people on the phone, and am curled up under a blanket telling myself to get with the interviews I need to complete, but am instead thinking a nap sounds oh so much better.
What is it about cold weather, semi-warm wood-heated old homes and the sense of calm that comes with being able to look in one corner of your house and realize it is somewhat clean during calving season that lulls you into wanting to take a day off?
I think it is in part that this is one of my favorite times of year ranching, and mother nature can dampen that enthusiasm with her nastiness, but not eliminate it. A year's planning has gone into these little calves hitting the ground this week. Their mother's survived the worst storm to ever hit a cow in this part of the country, and seeing so many signs of life and renewal after a dismal, tough winter is refreshing, and relaxing.
Perhaps its that today is sure to be the easy day of the upcoming week, what with it being relatively warm, sunny and calm. Weather is such a dictator in our lives, this year more than normal, and today is somewhat of an auto-pilot day compared to those in the near past or immediate future.
Regardless of the reason, this is an excellent day, and a nice glimpse of the fact that sooner rather than later, winter will finally give way to spring after clutching us in its nasty grasp for the last five months and counting.
Here's hoping it's a sunny, nice day in your world as well!

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