Sunday, January 24, 2010

New church

I have been needing to find a good church. Going to a good service lightens my heart and enlightens my mind. So after several busy weekends, most spent out of town, I was here and able to try out a new church.

I picked Paradise Valley Christian Church primarily because it is in my target house buying neighborhood. Looked it up on the internet and service began at 10:30, ok.

As I pull off CY I immediately notice the vehicles parked up multiple side streets, which I take as a good sign. Then one of those 15 passengers vans with a Kansas bible school logo whizzes by me and my curiosity is stirred.

I'm also a little nervous because the people that drive those vans are crazy. I have seen church vans hit the ditch at 70 mph, swerve across the interstate and come to a screeching halt in the middle of the highway. I believe that God will help you through anything, but you have to do your part too, like actually drive.

Anyway... I park a good block away from building and amble towards it, taking note of the swarm of teenagers converging on the building. At this point I'm wondering if I missed something. I know website said "Traditional Service" at 9:00 and "Contemporary Service" at 10:30. Maybe that meant adults first, then kids?

The building was bursting at the seems inside. I was handed a sheet that had Winter Whitewash Devotions on one side and some thoughtful text on the other. No

Come to find out the Winter Whitewash Devotions had been using the church to house their winter youth retreat. There were at least 200 talking teenagers packed in the church and anything resembling a chair had been set out for the large crowd. I tentatively took an empty seat and settled in.

The sermon began with a live BAND! I have heard a variety of musical acts at church, but this was new to me. A contemporary christian band lead us through several songs. They were great!

There wasn't an official sermon, instead two men put on an act/sermon deal that was humorous and enlightening.

One man decides to make brownies, after adding water to his mix he pulls out a garbage bag. He opens the bag and drops a lump of something into the batter.

The "lump" was actually manure. Amidst the groans of students he loudly declares, "This is certified Angus beef manure from Nebraska. You won't find any better." He later added that some people would probably just think the brownies tasted like hamburger. It was HILARIOUS!

The point of the manure in the brownies? The two men explained that most Christians are like a bowl of brownies, but that we shouldn't become lax and start to think a little sin won't hurt. Any sin is like dropping a cow pie into your bowl. It makes a difference.

Adding a little sin or manure to your bowl doesn't just effect you. The men further explained that just as everyone who ate his brownies would be effected, so will those around you when you sin.

Thought provoking and an easy enough analogy for even me to follow. I like brownies, I don't care for manure. I'll keep trying to keep it out of my bowl. I think I'll give the church another try and see what a "normal" Sunday is like :)


  1. I grew up in a huge non-denominational church and my heart yearns every sunday for a live contemporary band to lift my spirits. (Thank God for K-Love.)
    I'm glad you found a church there in Casper!
    Tell them to spread some of the love down here!

  2. I am a huge K-Love listener! I will send them your way asap. If you're ever up here over another weekend I'll take you to hear the great live band! I had never experienced one before but it was really cool.