Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Monday, goodbye weekend

This weekend I moved into the new house (pictures will be coming soon) and right now have piles of stuff everywhere and only one card table to stack everything on. It's wonderful and I love it!
My wonderful parents were here Friday with all my stuff and helped unload. Saturday morning we organized, did minor repairs and maintenance and they headed home.
Saturday night the previous owner stopped by with a BBQ'd chicken. Me being the genius I am decided to invite people over, despite being exhausted and only having the chicken to feed them on the little card table. So I invited my boss, her bf and another guy.
Oops on the last part. The guy was ridiculous and stayed long after the couple, telling such an amazing string of stories I dozed off to the point he actually noticed and finally left. Boy can I find winners! I will never hear the end of that one from the bosses bf.
The previous owner also invited me to Highland Park Community Church. I agreed and was prepared to attend the 10:30 service. At 9:30 some friends from Sheridan texted and one of them asked if he could go with me. Met him at 10:15 and arrived at the largest church I have ever been in at precisely 10:30
This thing is enormous. There were hundreds of people pouring into a multitude of rooms from a main lobby that was huge. After finding the correct room, my friend and I joined the boss, her bf and another friend for the worship music and sermon. Liked the sermon, don't think I could make it through another round of the music. Just wasn't my thing. But, if you're used to large churches and lots of live music that breaks into verbal praise at times, this would be a great option.
After church my friend at I had lunch at Guadalajaras, which was very good, then met up with his ride and parted ways. After debating for several minutes in the WalMart parking lot whether to change out of the most uncomfortable shoes I own before going furniture shopping I decided to tough it out.
I proceeded to scour Big Lots, Target, Rosses, JC Penny, Sears and Oak Express for the entire afternoon.
My finds included a 47" 1080P Vizio TV. They quit making the model in 2010 so I got a great deal, it was less than the 32" TV's I was looking at. After that I was floating so high my miserable shoes couldn't slow me down. I promptly went back to WalMart and purchased a DVD player. I also ordered this table with slightly different chairs at Oak Express.
Sunday night I had a drink and tried to get the mammoth TV working. So far all I can get is a black and white picture, pretty sure I need a different cable. Yay for the weekend!

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