Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Prayer Day

It's National Prayer Day. I found this out by listening to K-LOVE Radio, which is a wonderful station. They even had one of their pastor's pray just before 8:00 this morning for everyone who wasn't able to attend a National Prayer Day event.
Here's what I am praying for on this national day of prayer:
(Please picture multiple pictures as we go. My computer isn't cooperating and won't let me upload for some reason)

First, I am so thankful for my family, friends, the way I was raised and being able to purchase a nice home. Also for the things my parents taught me, the fact that my brother is one of my best friends, my job and all the skills God gave me. I am so blessed to be born in this country where I am free and I will thank him for that too.

I will ask for guidance for all our nation's leaders. From the president to local officials and everyone in between. Our country, as a whole, appears to by pushing God away, and I will pray that this trend is reversed. I will also ask God to be with my friends, family, our military as they protect our great country.

I will ask for guidance in my own life.

I will ask for forgiveness of my sins, because I am constantly failing in that department, and I probably don't even notice many of them.

And many many other things as well. What will you pray about on the national day of prayer?

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