Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Rocky Point fall gather

 Way back on Oct. 20, we converged on the WY/MT border for our annual fall gather/wean/work calves/ship home day at the Rocky Point Grazing Association.

The weather was beautiful, the calves were big, the cows were showing that the grass was gone. It was time to head home for the winter.

 The cows were in agreement.

 The corrals were muddy for our 4-way sort - my dad's cow, my uncle's cows, my dad's calves, my uncles calves. Momma H snapped this photo of almost the entire crew.

Oh, and my sibling's cattle too, including this heifer of my sister's, which has been a crowd favorite all year. 
My dad's trucks arrived, and we loaded his calves.

Then we vaccinated my uncle's calves to help keep them healthy as they adjust to life without mama around. They were also poured to keep any bugs from bothering them over the winter months.

It didn't bother them much.

Then, the second round of trucks arrived and we loaded my uncle's calves.

Home they go. The cows are left for 3-4 days to wean, then also hauled home for the winter.

Just when we thought the day was over, excitingly enough the axle broke on our trailer. But, we happened to have a few experts on hand, and another horse trailer we could put our horses in. While we arrived home later than planned, we all made it safe and sound. I am also happy to report my parent's were able to trade this trailer off for a new one - their second new "vehicle" purchase in almost 30 years of marriage. I'm thrilled for them, but never miss a chance to tease them about all the improvements that happen after the kids leave.


  1. Glad you were able to get all the cows home The calves look great. Do they keep most of their heifers as replacements or sell them?

    1. Thanks Crystal! Both my dad and uncle do keep their own replacements, and it depends on the year as to what percentage they keep. This year my dad is keeping everything but a few oddballs. After getting your question I was thinking, and I don't think there is a bought cow on either my dad or my uncle's operation today.

  2. Great pictures. I can see why a crowd favorite! Cute face! Get the "improvements made after kids leave" After 2 weddings next year...both girls gone...we are going on a vacation - by ourselves - 2nd time in 26 years. I'm going to ask one of my 4-Hrs to do our chores! We are planning on different critters - my girls are like..."you said we couldn't get more that we are leaving, what else are you guys going to do?" Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Thanks Dicky. Good luck with the vacation planning, and good for you guys! I may tease my parents, but am very happy for them too. Folks who work hard their entire lives should be able to slow down and enjoy a few more comforts after they get the kids gone : )