Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Covering the miles

The past few weeks have been busy. I've had fun racking up the miles as I criss-crossed the state for a combination of work and personal appearances. Here are a few snapshots from a couple thousand miles worth of travels so far in July.

Many of my travels take place in the Roundup blazer, partially depicted here. I am incredibly happy to have the AC working again after sitting through a couple 90+ degree days in the all-black interior. I was also very happy to get off with only a warning when pulled over for speeding (I totally traded the cop a keychain for some of our paper's gloves)

I've been to Riverton, and all over the surrounding area for interviews and a hay tour. The largest hay exporters in the northwestern US came to Fremont County to meet producers and look at hay in hopes of establishing relationships. I got to tag along and it was cool, I learned a lot.

I've been to Gillette and back on a whirlwind drive to deliver some Horse Editions to a co-worker so she could get them to the National High School Finals Rodeo. After leaving Gillette I headed toward Kaycee to interview two very intelligent, interesting old men for the paper.

I went through Lysite and love this ranch sign.

A very busy week for Christy resulted in a last-minute change of plans, so I cruised over to Lingle for the SAREC (something something something, UW research center something something) tour. Saw some Growsafe feed bunks, some fat cattle, crops, wind and solar energy stuff and visited with several people. Must say it was one of the most interesting tours I've attended this year.

Like I said, I got to see some fat steers! Definitely a highlight.

Headed home to see the parents after they returned from Europe. First on my dad's list was checking out our yearlings that are on grass this summer. My dad was kind enough to snap a picture of me as we both sat around, guessing weights and commenting on different things we noticed.

Our annual family reunion was last weekend just outside of Sundance. This is the view from the ranches yard. Very very beautiful this time of year...but very very deep snow is common in the winter months.

Not that I am slowing down, there will be more travels to depict as I head to Frontier Days this weekend, Pathfinder days next weekend and MAYBE the Sturgis rally the weekend after that. A few photo assignments, weddings, state fair, other invites and work trips are sure to come up as well.

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  1. wow - beautiful! hope you had a great time @ the family reunion :) You sure have been busy!