Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness Giveaway!

March Madness is upon us. Whether that means a college basketball tournament or an increased farm or ranch workload in your household, it's a great time for a giveaway.
I polled my wonderful Double H Facebook followers last week, and they said an 11x14 Double H print of choice is what they most want to win. I am in a position to make that happen, and here is how you enter:
You can comment on this blog post, answering what March Madness is in your life. Calving, farming related practices, work/life in general (maybe you didn't even know they only call it madness in March), or the basketball tournament. If you're a basketball fan, I would love to hear who your favorite team is too!
You can also like, and comment on my Facebook page, answering the same question.
For an additional chance to win, you can refer someone to my blog and/or Facebook page. If they become a blog follower, or like my Facebook page, answer the question, and say that you (your first and last name) sent them, they will be entered and you will get a second chance to win.
Make sense?
The giveaway will be open through midnight, March 25, MST. We are due to start calving that day, and while it will most likely happen a few days early, it seems like an appropriate cut-off date : )
Good luck!


  1. March madness means thousands and thousands of tiny seedlings are everywhere. We have to keep them from getting too hot or too cold. It's madness, I tell you!

  2. Would love to win a picture. Our madness is the start of calving season with the goats to follow shortly there after.

  3. March Madness is gardens, calving, and getting everything ready to start planting!

  4. March Madness... meant a five-states-in-seven-days work and fun trip to start the month followed by the regular lineup of deadlines, parties, presentations and the start of half-marathon training. I wish my March Madness included a little Wyoming calving season!