Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This week the Pioneer Woman's photo contest is, "Horses."
Oh yeah, this I can do! Here are a few pictures I gathered up, and may enter. To go along with them are a few words of horse related wisdom I've been taught over the years.

Never ride a horse that's the honest excuse for not being able to get a job done.

Only grain them in the mornings, before the ride.

In today's world, there's no reason to have to deal with a horse that bucks. There are enough good ones that have had the buck bred out of them.

Miles make a good horse.

If your on him, he isn't eating.

Don't be afraid to lay into him when he does something wrong.

Give praise when it's deserved.

Practice if you expect to be good

If you're going to train on him, do it when he's tired and paying attention

If you like him and can get the job done, that's the most important thing


  1. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and your sweet comments. I have never been to Wyoming but it looks like another one of God's beautiful countryside. I love the photo with the sunrise and the horse....great job! Have a blessed evening.

  2. The black and White photo of the cowboy chasing the calf by the fence is my favorite.