Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Chapter

The sun set on my days as an assistant editor last Friday, and I am so relieved and happy. These major work related decisions are never easy, and this one was no exception. I certainly did not plan to leave the paper after a year and half, but, I am confident it was the right choice, especially after the last month since I gave my notice I was leaving.
The last few days have included a weekend at the guys house, meeting his dad and brother, unpacking more stuff than my Acura knew it could hold, fencing, making freelance writing phone calls, booking the first photography job since quitting at the paper, cleaning up the ol' personal Dell computer and a pluthera of other activities. It's been fun, fast paced, and relatively stress free, all things considered.
I am now fully inbedded in ranch work, photography work and diving into the world of freelance writing.

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