Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thus far today I have accomplished the following:

Made a white chocolate/caramel latte (priorities are important when you're busy)

Watered, "The Forest," (the windbreak) and my mother's lawn while drinking the latte

Made about 20 phone calls

Planned the rest of the week

Sold our steers, by myself, for the first time ever. (A rancher basically gets one paycheck a year from his cattle, and the money you make on that one day is it for the next 12 months. The price you receive determines how big the check, this was a huge deal) I did have a lot of coaching from my dad, who is in the hospital recovering from surgery.

Talked to my dad. His surgery was to take out part of his intestine. He had diverticulosis (sp?) He's doing very well.

Typed two articles

Edited an article for the largest publication my work will be published in yet.

Watched a livestock video auction, while typing.

Made a to-go lunch for my brother and sister, who are hauling hay today

Confirmed a photo order

Baked cookies, and ate a lot of the batter (Comfort food!)

Did lots of laundry

Accidentally put too much detergent in one load (still waiting to see how that turns out)

Cleaned kitchen

Plunked down in a chair with a cup of iced tea, and typed this.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful, productive Wednesday!

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  1. haha well! you sure did more then i did! I kinda missed you for a while here but i'm glad i found you again!

    Hope you have a good and productive Thursday too! and give you dad a big hug!