Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, it's for sale

I had a comment yesterday asking if I sell my pictures. The answer is yes! I sure do. I have a purchasing website you can check out here. How I typically work things is if people have photos they're interested in buying as prints, on greeting cards, etc..., they email me at and let me know which photos they like and I get them uploaded to the website. I don't upload all my photos simply because that would be all I got done each day.
From there purchases can be completed on the website, and whatever you purchase can be shipped directly to you. I manage the website, and if there is anything specific you want to buy and it's not offered, I can usually add it as a product.
I also tried a Christmas Bazaar this year, and it went well, and hopefully I'll have those products listed on here next year for ordering. I tried photo cutting boards (and I do have a couple left if anyone is interested), my calendars, which are still available, greeting cards and coffee mugs. I got a lot of great feedback and will be tweaking things for next year.
Thanks for question, and if anyone would like a fine print of one of my photos, or something more casual, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Great! I want the ones on yesterday's post - the frosy cows. I left the request on the website.

  2. Great picture. I like how clear the actual owl is. Good job.