Monday, March 19, 2012

Boyfriends and baby calves

I feel like a personal update is in order, particularly in the area of my no longer existing love life. Yes, that's right, Adam and I are no longer together. Thank you to all the ladies who sent me the nice comments and emails about him. Since I drug his presence onto my blog, I feel honor-bound to give him a proper exit. 
That, and I would hate for there to be confusion when I introduce a new guy at some point in the future, should I decide to include my significant other on my blog again. 
That being said, the last month has been an interesting adjustment back to single life. I've enjoyed attending a surprise birthday/going away party for a friend of mine, and catching up with several girls I attended college with, and their significant others. I'm telling you, I have some smart, ambitious, beautiful friends, and it is so fun to visit with them and hear what they're up to these days : )
Also had a chance to spend a weekend with my brother, his girlfriend, and a number of our mutual friends, and that was also nice. On another weekend I met a high school friend of mine for a Josh Gracin concert, and did some more catching up with her and other friends from Casper, in addition to some dancing. 
I was feeling a little friend-deprived, to be honest, and it has been so much fun seeing and hearing what so many of mine are up to. 
Now we are into calving, with baby number three having just arrived this morning, and number four on its way right this moment. With their arrivals comes a screeching halt to the vast majority of any socializing on my part for the next several weeks, which is fine by me. Calving season, and spring in general, is a favorite time of year for me.
But, I won't stay in isolation forever. I have an Ag Books for Kids classroom presentation lined up for mid-April. As a member of our state Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher (YF&R) Committee, part of my responsibilities are to read an ag-based book to elementary students, and help them complete an associated activity. One added perk is the activity meets state and national teaching standards, so it helps the teacher too. I'm excited for my maiden solo presentation!
I am also planning to attend a bull sale or two, will be off to a YF&R Committee meeting in April, and am very flexible when it comes to being asked to dinner (I jest...sort of). My parents are actually beyond flexible when it comes to me being asked to dinner, and I have to watch them closely for fear of the caliber of eligible bachelors they will find on my behalf, lol. They're scared stiff me being single will prolong their advancement into the era of grandparenthood. Thankfully I can now pass the heat of that topic off on my brother and his girlfriend, and happily so : ) 
In case you missed it last week, I am also hosting a giveaway for an 11x14 print of your choice. Swing over to this post to read about how you can enter!

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  1. 1) I love all the new baby calf photos!
    2) SO jealous of the birthday surprise gathering -- you girls all looked lovely and I'm sad I missed it!
    3) Sounds like single life is suiting you just fine :). Sorry to hear it didn't work out with this boy, but that just means there is another lucky one out there!
    4) I've missed reading your blog -- I don't know why I've been absent for so long! Keep up the great work!
    5) Sorry I'm obnoxiously full of explanation points! today! The Double H Photography blog is just that! exciting!