Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do you know, about Wyoming agriculture?

Welcome to the Cowboy State, where I was born and raised. As our current governor likes to say, tourism and the energy industry may compete with agriculture for the top three industries in our state, but, without agriculture playing a supporting role, the other two wouldn't even be in the running. 
The cattle industry is the largest component of Wyoming agriculture in terms of value, bringing in $599 million dollars in 2008. 
3,124,299 pounds of wool were produced in 2007, and Wyoming was ranked 4th in the country for number of sheep and lambs with an inventory of 411,952 head.
On the crop side, Wyoming ranks 8th in the nation in barley production, 20th in hay production and 23rd in wheat production. 
Want to learn about Wyoming, or agriculture in your home state? Swing over to the Ag in the Classroom website and click on any state in the country for some great ag facts relevant to your area.

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