Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shooting Skunks

For whatever reason, I am currently unable to upload photos to my blog. So, I'll have to settle for a story instead.
A few months ago now, I woke up to a light flashing across my window shades at 3:30 a.m. Our house is shaped like a big "L" so I can see the back deck from my window. I groggily glance past the shade, and see my brother on the back deck. Big deal, you may think. But, he was dressed in his moccasin style slippers, red gym shorts, Carhart coat and winter hat, which made for quite a site. Adding to his overall visual was the rifle he had aimed across our yard, and the flashlight he was also holding and attemping to shine on the something.
Being intuitive, I looked in the direction of his flashlight beam, and saw a skunk waddling along our yard fence, seeking a way out.
I glanced back at my brother, who had no idea there was another soul awake in the dark world, and he turned and headed back in the house. I opened my window, kept an eye on the skunk, and waited.
Presently he returned, walked out on the deck, looked around, then jumped off and conveniently stopped just under my window.
Helpfully, as any sister would do, I hollered out, "The skunk went toward the barn!"
The response was priceless. He jumped several inches off the ground, almost shot the gun in my general direction, and practically dropped his flashlight.
He quickly gathered himself, glared at my dark window, and stalked off toward the barn. A few minutes, and swatches of flashlight beam later I heard the telling shot, and later learned that was the only .22 shell he could find, which is why our house is still empty of bullet holes.
I was so tickled at such a well implemented scare on him that I could hardly sleep the rest of the night.
And that is the kind of family I come from people. We never pass up a great opportunity for a fun laugh.


  1. First there is a problem with BlogSpot and pictures being uploaded. I googled "why can't I load my pictures?" Others can't either. If you go into the HTML instead compose, it will let you upload. Then you have to go back to compose to type your message. Funny about the skunk. We had to shoot 2 this past year. Our barn still has a slight stink of it. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!:) That is so funny about your brother and the skunk, I would have laughed about it for days if it was me!