Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I still take pictures!

 I know the photo posts have been far and few between lately. Here's an update on what I've been snapping pictures of the last several weeks.

Emmie Lou and Miss Weenie are always available to help feed, sit on my camera bag, roll in dead things, and have their photo taken.

It has snowed a couple times. Here are our yearling heifers and coming three's heading in to feed one morning.
And, here is my sister's heifer on the same day after I fed her.

 I've done some cattle photography work for other people (yay!) including taking pictures of these heifers for a sale.

 My fiancee's marker cow.

 Feeding cows, SD style.

 Lots of wildlife out and about on this mild winter.



  1. Beautiful landscape, wonderful photos. Nice Badger! We don't have those here in Vermont....yet. Its nice to find another cow pal. Come visit the herd when you have a chance:

  2. Wow!! I love your photos. They are so gorgeous! My favorites are the deer and badger. :)