Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An update

First a note on the photo. I am not a heeler fan, but since this one didn't snarl at or bite me I rewarded it by snapping a couple shots. He was hanging out at the bull test this weekend, more on that down the page a ways.

I have been busy, and sick. Not a good combination. We are at 28 pages for this weeks paper and my articles include two very technical pieces that I wrote based on Journal of Animal Science articles. College stress flashbacks were frequent throughout researching and writing them. I'm still not that impressed with how they turned out, but hopefully people get something out of them.

This weekend I went to dinner with the guy Friday night at Firerock and again with another couple Saturday night at an amazing Mexican restaurant whose name I can neither pronounce or remember. :)

Sunday I was between Shoshoni and Riverton taking pictures of bulls for the WBCIA bull test. I looked at the bulls on test a few years ago and was so unimpressed I swore never to return. BUT, this years group is much better and I was pretty impressed with a few based on looks alone.

I should also clarify that I wasn't taking pictures, I was carrying a sorting stick with a mooing stuffed cow tied to the end...oh yeah, you read that right. My job was to stop the bulls and capture their attention with the stuffed cow so the Roundup field rep could take pictures. It was fun, for the most part. I enjoyed wandering through a feedlot full of bulls. I also interviewed the producer of the year since I was in the area.
My reward for working all day Sunday? Lunch at Taco Bell and bottle of Crown, gotta love the people I work with!

Sunday night I didn't feel well, this carried over to Monday and I left work at lunch. This morning I was too stressed to be sick since I had so much to complete by 5. But, here is it 3:30 and I am caught up...I think. I also feel better so hopefully I am done with this annoying cold.

Hope everyone's week is going well!

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  1. hilarious that you got some taco bell & crown as your reward :) sounds like a fun day, though!

    hope you feel better soon and that your paper comes together smoothly.