Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Wednesday bible studies

I was looking at my complete profile (ok, seeing how many times my blog has been viewed) and noticed I haven't really mentioned God, even though he is listed first (as he should be) under my interests.
I believe in the Lord and that Jesus died on the cross and rose three days later and that whoever believes in him will have everlasting life. If you don't believe in God that's your business. But regardless of your personal beliefs I encourage you to check out the bible. My reason is that as with anything, it's hard to make an educated decision without doing some research, and the bible is how you research God.
My year in New Mexico was a lot of things, but most importantly it was great for my spiritual life. I don't know how anyone would make it there without a spiritual life (that was partially joking, partially dead serious).
One of the neatest things I experienced was a weekly bible study held at Clovis Livestock Auction. Each week before the sale started Arleta would get on the speaker and announce "bible study in Steve's office." This would be followed by the slow pouring of buyers, sellers, office ladies (that's my group), truckers and the owner into Steve's office.
Everyone would sit or lean against the wall as the chosen speaker covered their topic of choice. The speaker rotated weekly, as did the topics. After speaking for about 5-10 minutes prayer requests were taken and everyone bowed their heads. Then we all went back to work and a few minutes later the owner, Charlie, would tell Arleta to announce it was sale time.
It sounds so simple, and it was. But it was also amazing. Nobody beat around the bush and the topics were honest, straightforward, and meant to make people think. I definitely thought (and prayed) a lot as a result of the Wednesday bible studies.
This happened every single week. It didn't matter if the sale started 30 or 45 minutes late. If we had to wait for someone it was no big deal. I got more out of those quick bible lessons than I do most 45 minute sermons.
God is definitely present in the sale barn. It was the most comfortable place. Peace permeated the entire building and the people were almost all happy, kind and willing to help with anything in any way.
I learned a lot about the important things in life there. If you're ever in Clovis, NM on a Wednesday morning, be sure to stop by the sale barn at quarter to ten. I promise it will be worth it.
The photo was taken from the block looking over the ring. I worked in the office and on the black weighing cattle and penning back. I miss these guys.

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