Friday, January 14, 2011

Time Apart

Emmie and Pearl are spending some time with my family due to my busy schedule these past couple weeks. I haven't seen them since January 2nd, and am ready to have them back.

From what I hear, my parents are ready to send them back. Look at those two faces, there's no way they would ever cause any mischief...

Except when Pearl realizes that there is a BALL attached to Kyle's hat on Christmas morning.

Or when there is a bird to be chased, never mind that turkey outweighs Pearl by about 20 pounds.

This is Emmie during most of Pearl's wild romps. She is the kind one, who strives to stay out of trouble. Pearl, on the other hand, searches for trouble.

It troubles Emmie.

They have no doubt been kept busy feeding. Although without my camera bag I'm not sure what Pearl will find to stand on.

and doing all sorts of other things, similar to what can be seen in these pictures.

They will also have the company of Shorty and Mister, my parents dogs. Technically Shorty is my mom's, and Mister belongs to Holly, but they're really everyone's dogs.

This was only done for the photo op. As can be seen by their faces, it was a huge success...

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