Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Year

I was checking out my blog posts from last November, and came across this unpublished post, that just had the above photo. It was taken just south of Buffalo, on a Winter Cattleman's interview tripe
So much has changed in the year since I took this picture, and I have been so very blessed in the last 12 months.
Ironically enough, that picture was taken on 11-17-10, and today I am driving to Buffalo, and will be in that same town on 11-18-11. This time for my boyfriend's uncle's bull sale. I was there for interviews last year, and will be getting in at least one interview while there this year.
Last year I discovered a wonderful  little shop on Buffalo's main street, and bought a pile of Christmas ornaments. That same store is on the agenda for this afternoon! As is a tour of one of the places I toured and interviewed last year.
Last year I was helping with all the weekly newspaper stuff in addition to working on about a dozen additional articles for the Winter Cattlemen's Edition. Based on my blog posts, I was also driving home most weekends to help with the tail end of our fall work.
Right now I have six articles I'm working on right this minute, at the ranch, where I conduct most of my interviews and do most of my writing these days. I have about four more to start as soon as these are completed, a (hopefully) big presentation I just took on through the Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee, a Christmas Bazaar I'm preparing for, and a wonderful boyfriend to go see in Buffalo this weekend.
What a pile of similarities and differences Looking back has made me especially thankful for where I am, and what my life is like, today!
Hope you can say the same. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Only a wise person can look at changes (good and bad) and see blessings. Keep using that in all you do - not too many people are blessed with that perception. I don't have too many changes over the past year - thankful and blessed for that. Blessings from Wisconsin.