Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turquoise Thursday

Have you heard of Turquoise Thursdays? I follow a couple girl's blogs who do this, and they bring some serious eye candy each week!
The first is Crystal Cattle. I particularly love the jewelry and furniture pieces she finds (this week she has some very cute turqouise winter must-haves).
Anna at Life Be Delicious finds the most amazing clothing and home decor items (she's showing off some awesome jewlery this week).
As you may know, this isn't something I do regularly. But, I was just driving my boyfriend's pickup and trailer along last weekend, going to pick him and his father up from trailing heifers off the mountain to their winter home, when I came upon this:

It immediately caught my eye, and I thought of Turqouise Thursdays. Needless to say, I stopped the truck and trailer in the middle of the county road and snapped a few pictures. If we ever buy/build a portable loading chute, I'm going to be lobbying for painting it this color!

I also purchased this neckalce at American Eagle this week. I tried to find it on their website, but couldn't, so I'm not sure if it's available everywhere (maybe it's from spring or something?) or not. It has a really long chain too, and I like the little balls that break up the normal chain, and the flecks of gold mixed in with the turquoise on the leaves! I do a lot of accessory shopping at AE, and have a few other turquoise pieces I've purchased there. A big thank you to my brother, who gave me a gift card for my birthday that bought this necklace!


  1. I LOVE that loading chute!! I think you need it in that color too :) Cute necklace!

  2. Love the chute, and I have bought a lot of turquoise jewelry from American Eagle. Some very affordable finds. Thanks for following Turquoise Thursday!