Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Camera!

 Over a week ago I went to Casper to have my camera cleaned. The night before I went, my camera died a sad, ERROR 99 death. So, in addition to being cleaned, it was sent in for repairs, and has been sorely missed. I am still anxiously awaiting the call that it is ready to be picked up, hopefully before all the brandings and shipping days of this spring are over. What a time of year for the camera to hiccup.
While at the camera store, I got to perusing all the wonderful dream items they have in stock. My plan was to purchase a camera after this year's wedding season to keep for nice, professional photography jobs. This way the old 40D could be solely used as a ranch camera, without worry for keeping it in good working order for professional jobs.
Long story short, a couple hours later I walked out with a new Canon 60D with a 135mm lens attached, a gallery quality photo printer (it was a great deal if you purchased it with a camera), and all the necessary goodies to make the camera ready to go. I am now set for this year's set of weddings too, and a couple other professional jobs coming up in the next couple months.
It has been very hard not to try it out during our brandings, gatherings, etc... but I have managed to hold off, and am maintaining a strict, "no corral" rule with it. I did finally get a chance to test it out on my uncle's place a few days ago when we finished in the early evening. What better way to test the image quality of a new camera than with some macro shots taken in the evening light? Here are a few from the 100 I took during my first outing with my new camera : )   Hope you like them!

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  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Oh do I love spring! Thanks for sharing.