Monday, May 21, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

 Lately I've been busy telling you about what I've been up to off the ranch, and covering a few other issues and topics. While I was doing that things certainly didn't stop at home. Among the latest events on the ranch are the following:
We're still feeding, everything. The sight of cows still trailing in for feed in late May isn't something we like to see, or something we had planned to spend a chunk of every morning completing.

We aren't the only ones still feeding, and my dad and brother's hay hauling business is seeing an unheard-of upswing for May. Combined with the usual cattle hauling jobs, they've been exceptionally busy this spring.

 We branded our heifer's calves on Friday, and have three more brandings scheduled between today and Memorial Day. We've also sorted out us kid's pairs and tagged them (most of them so far). Immediately following branding week will be a 10-day marathon of shipping pairs to summer pasture.
We also have pairs to gather out of a couple neighbors prior to branding.

The weight of our yearling steers has been thoroughly evaluated and discussed in preparation for possibly marketing them earlier than usual this year due to the drought.
The new bull I purchased earlier in the year has been branded and turned out with the other bulls and steers you see above.

We hauled in several loads of gravel, put in a sewer system, tore down a fence and cut tree branches to prepare for the arrival of my brother and I's new abode (aka the trailer). The trailer is now here, blocked and leveled on the gravel pad being dumped in the above photo. Cleaning the inside, skirting the outside and treating the roof are all on the immediate to-do list. I have also decided it would be wonderful to paint (I'm crazy I think) at least part of the interior.
Fencing projects, corral chores, repair and maintenance to various vehicles, a birthday part for my sister, a flat tire on the tractor, a sprinkle of rain and numerous other odd ball events here and there have capped off the very busy past few weeks.
Hope spring is going well at your house!

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