Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy fall

I am sitting at a meeting just south of Buffalo right now, taking notes for one or two Roundup articles. I was late to the meeting because I misread my map and thought it was just outside Kaycee...not Buffalo. An extra 40 miles down the road I arrived, and just finished an interview to cover anything I may have missed.
It has been a hectic couple of weeks, with no signs of slowing down. Christy is in Pendleton, OR for meetings and the rodeo. I am so glad this trip has arrived and will soon be over. Originally Christy and I were both going, then it was just me going for several months, then out of the blue Christy told me she was going and I was staying. Her fiancee will be joining her later in the week and I'm sure they will have fun.
Last week I was in Fremont County for two days interviewing people for our Fall Cattlemen's edition. Then I went to Wheatland to take engagement photos Saturday morning. From there I drove to Keeline (which is 60 miles from my parent's house), where I met my dad and brother to gather a couple stray yearling steers. It was good to be on a horse again, riding with the people I enjoy most.
Sunday we did a little more riding and some corral repairs. Bright and early Monday morning the whole family drove back to Keeline and gathered the steers for delivery.
A hectic morning later we finally got everyone loaded and the check written. I found out that when someone stole some of our calves earlier this spring they took two of mine instead of just one, as originally thought.
I left the yearling gather and headed back to Casper. About 10 miles out of Casper I had a rear tire explode and got to change it on the side of the interstate. A very nice man stopped to help, which made it go faster.
I arrived at my little house and noticed it sounded like water was running somewhere. So I crawled under my house and discovered a small hole in my main water pipe. I called my dad and scheduled a repair appointment for today. So last night was spent with no water as I had to turn off the main line into the house...
Which brings us back to this morning. After the next session of this meeting I will leave early and head back to Casper to help my dad with the water line repairs. If we have time I will then take the parents to look at one of the vehicles I recently test drove and am considering buying (in a couple months, since my cattle check is much less than originally anticipated, thanks to the worthless thieves)
Tonight I will be writing some articles for this weeks paper and making several phone calls. Tomorrow will be spent in the office catching up. Thursday I will be driving back to Fremont County and attempting to get 4-5 interviews done for the Fall Cattlemen's Edition. I may also interview someone involved in the Nature Conservancy, which I am less than excited about as that organization does not support production agriculture. I have a very hard time writing about people or organizations that have a negative impact on my industry and who take land out of production. I am hoping all my Fall Cattlemen's people follow through and Christy gets to interview the Nature Conservancy idiot...er individual.
Sorry, off my soap box and back on track...Friday will be spent in the office making sure the paper gets out without a hitch. This weekend I will either be going home to ship sheep, or transcribing notes and editing both senior and engagement pictures at my house in Casper. I am hoping to be in Casper, as my plan for that option will possibly get me caught up for next week...which I haven't even looked at yet for fear of being overwhelmed.

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