Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Ram Sale Edition

This week we put out our annual Ram Sale Edition of the paper.
No big deal...right? Wrong!
My blissful, latte fueled, no dog barking in the middle of last night morning was going fine...until I find out, via two simultaneous phone calls, that we don't have enough editorial, so and so hasn't submitted their information, there are huge holes to be filled, and good luck Heather.
Christy is out of the office today I should note. Out of the office for work.
I suddenly didn't have enough caffeine prior to work and began frantically working to fill these holes by contacting so and so and lengthening other articles to make sure the edition was full.
One twitching eye (it is still twitching and quite annoying), multiple phone conversations, one email and one text that included a cuss word, and a trip to subway for lunch, mainly for chocolate chip cookies and a pop (two big no no's in my lunch eating world) I do believe I have things back under control (knock on wood).
Part of my filling holes technique is always gathering of information and writing of articles...and if I'm very lucky no cutline either.
So here are a few, feel free to scan your Roundup this week to see just how and where they were used. Let me know if you don't get the Roundup but want to (that's it for my plugs for the paper) I also apologize if they seem a little light, that is necessary for printing in our paper, and I wasn't going to re-edit them...again.

This is one of, if not my all-time favorite ram photo. It was a great setting with the clouds.

This one is another all-time favorite and dates back to our very first year with sheep. It was also in my very early days with my first Canon Rebel... It's not perfect and a little fuzzy, and the focus isn't where I would want it, but in all the annual shearings since I have not been able to get anywhere close to replicating it...and I've tried.

OK, so this one wasn't sent for filling holes...but I like it. Maybe this post should be called, "Oldies but Goodies...sheep photos" This is my most successful photo to date that I have entered in a competition. I entered it in color, but also like the black and white version.

Yearling ewes. Another photo from my early days as a photographer and sheep producer.

And there's this guy, who can be seen again at the very bottom of my blog in a photo taken about 3 frames prior to this one. The snow and full-curled horns just work for me.

Next week is the University of Wyoming Edition...I'm not sure how to feel about that at this point.

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