Saturday, September 18, 2010


I bought a new car today. I realize a photo of the new car would fit wonderfully right about here for you to look at, but I didn't take one...yet. It's an Acura TL, and I like it and will probably love it after driving it a couple more times. It's fast and sporty and economical and has a sunroof and leather seats, and several other very nice features!
In order to get the new car I traded my truck. Again, I know a photo of my truck would be nice, but they're all on my other computer. I will get one for you, so you can compare the two completely, totally different vehicles.
My truck was the last big, tangible, I paid some serious money at the time, thing to go from my life before I went to college (technically I bought it shortly after starting my freshman year of college), moved to Laramie, graduated college, got married, moved to New Mexico, got divorced, moved back to Wyoming, was hired at the Wyoming Livestock Roundup, moved to Casper, bought a house, dated again...and so on.
I loved my truck. Absolutely loved it. But it was getting old and high on miles and the maintenance was starting to add up....what I'm saying is it was probably time to move on.
I bought my truck from a widow, and it belonged to her husband. He was a trailer salesman and drove it to and from Kansas to pick up trailers and had purchased it new. He always really liked me too. It had it's own shed, was washed and waxed regularly, and the oil was probably changed every 3,000 miles.
By the way, we are talking about 1999, Dodge 3/4 ton, 2wd Cummins (24 valve, not 12), with a custom red flatbed with a wooden deck. Now, if that doesn't make me sound like a Wyomingite I don't know what will....
Anyway, it had a slightly harsher existence with me, I didn't own a shed....and moved around too much to keep one. But I did take good care of it.
During our time together I put 120,000 miles on the vehicle, two lift pumps, a couple sets of tires and breaks, and numerous sensors (99 cummins are notorious for their sensors fyi). I did countless funky, stopped in the middle of the road to take a picture moments in it and have driven it in every weather condition known to man. We missed numerous deer, hit a stupid girls Ford Dual because she didn't know how to the parking lot....looonnng story, and made it through 5 Wyoming winters together.
I miss him (yes, it was a him)
And while I know this was a smart move, and I really do like the car a lot, a part of me wants to drive right back to the dealership and demand they give me back MY vehicle (which, by the way, is pretty much worth a fraction of this new vehicle), as I drop THEIR Acura TL back off in the "imports" lot.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday.

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