Thursday, October 28, 2010

In this spot

Right there where my camera bag sits is the location of arguably my earliest memory. I couldn't have been over 2 at the oldest, and have no idea why I remember this, but I do.
I was sitting there, too young to be much help. I can't remember if I was a proficient walker or not yet. I do remember that I was all decked out in my pink coveralls, mittens and hat. It was winter, and as I recall a nice, snow-covered day. I was sitting facing away from the alleyway.
I assume I was sitting there so I would be safe, out of the way, and in a location where everyone could keep an eye on me. I was also probably helping my grandpa close the alleyway gate by running the cable attached to those cement blocks.
I remember a commotion, and I looked up to see a gray cow jump right over the top of me. I remember it in slow motion for some reason. I got a very clear view of her bottom half. She completely cleared me, landed out in the middle of the pen and proceeded with her tyrant on the the next fence.
My entire family freaked out. (I was the oldest child, grandchild, niece on both sides of the family) and the entire operation came to a lurching halt while everyone counted my limbs and checked for a bump on my head.
The result of this experience is that top board on the alleyway. It wasn't there at the time.
I still have no idea why we had a gray must have been because I wasn't old enough to speak my opinion yet : )

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  1. That must have been so scary for your family! I can only imagine if I witnessed a cow jump over one of my nieces or nephews.....