Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tyler and Liz are getting married!

And I got to take their engagement pictures! The location was outside of Wheatland on a farm, and the day was a little windy, without a cloud in the sky.

To start with the bride-to-be is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have her skin! She's also tall, a little taller than her fiancee, so we had to get a little creative.

Her ring is very pretty and classy, which really reminds me of her. Tyler did a good job picking it out!

We roamed all over the farm, stopping at multiple locations. The couple was even nice enough to let my dogs come along for the ride. I was on my way to my parent's after the shoot, so they were with me.

Liz was kind enough to print off a few photos she liked prior to the shoot. I love it when people do this! There were a couple ideas on her sheet of pictures I would have never through of, and the ones we tried turned out great!

Liz is also quite handy in Photoshop, InDesign etc... so while several of these images on here are altered, I made sure to keep an original of each photo for her to manipulate as she sees fit. I'm pretty excited to see what she comes up with!

These were some of their favorites based on looking through the pictures on the camera. They did this while at lunch after the shoot, which they bought me. Like I said, a great couple!

I've known Liz since college, and met Tyler the day of the shoot. He's a great guy and very laid back! He put up with missing a morning of fall farm work to be photographed without any complaining, and he smiled, moved over here, and glanced "over there" on cue.

I loved taking their pictures and can't wait for their wedding, which is early next year!


  1. Great job Heather! I'm so excited for the wedding... Are you shooting that too?

  2. Thanks! I am not shooting the wedding, Liz has a family friend doing it I think. But it will be really nice to just hang out and visit, especially since I will know so many people at her wedding!