Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snapshots and Ramblings

Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks for you to enjoy.

Welcome to my home, in the fall, after a rain. Look at all the grass is what I think every time I see this!

This weekend we are preg checking at my uncles. I am also attending a party Saturday night. The guest list includes my second boyfriend (as in, from middle school), my junior prom date, and a variety of other people I've known for years. Sounds awkward, but we're all buddies and I can't wait!

I edited this one multiple ways...and am still not sure I have it just right.

Tomorrow I am heading to the eastern side of the state to interview a guy with a pheasant farm for the Roundup's annual hunting edition. Then, if I have time, I am swinging by a friends to look at a bunch of yearling heifers he just purchased.

If he isn't there I will still probably swing by to check out his cattle : )

These are our yearling heifers for this year, and I just love looking through them, and taking pictures of them.

Did I mention I have nothing to wear to the above-mentioned party...

These guys are the sheep left on our place, and they will be leaving soon as well. It seems surreal to not have sheep anymore.

While home last weekend I took a few photos of one of my best friends and her husband. It was my wedding present to them. Also in their pictures were their two dogs. Pictured here is Bailey, a big, bad, tough Mini Aussie who entertained us with her antics.


  1. i like the first one with the barbed wire, and the fuzzy cow in the background.

  2. love the yearling heifers under the tree & the sheep :)