Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas break

Tomorrow I will be heading north, and east, to my grandmas house in the black hills for the start of a week-long vacation. To say I'm excited would be a mild understatement.
We do a family get-together at my grandma's on Christmas Eve day, and have a big lunch and gift exchange. Tomorrow night is another family Christmas party (the Livingston one, in case I forget later), and I will be in attendance for the first time in several years.
I have called my grandma and made reservations to stay with her tomorrow night. She assured my that "my room" would be ready, and she would open the door and let it warm up. Thank goodness! That room is beyond brisk, and would pose serious issues during the winter if there were any water pipes in its walls. Fortunately the pellet stove is right outside the door, and my grandma is a firm believer in electric blankets! Add to that a heavy pair of socks and sweats, a dose of NyQuil, and I'll sleep like a baby...I hope.
Following all that fun and excitement, I will be headed home for Christmas, and a week long reprieve from typing stories, sitting at a desk and making phone calls. Bring on feeding hay and cake, chopping ice, discussing how the cows look, seeing the calves and whatever else comes up!
Wrapping up my vacation will be a bridal shower in Cheyenne, if the weather cooperates!
I'm ready to see this view, these cows, and to drive this road that is almost totally devoid of traffic, beyond that of the bovine variety. I am ready to out of cell service range, away from people, and surrounded by home.
In preparation for my week off, I have been busy freeing up space on memory cards (I have 12 GB of storage cleared up, and my computers are groaning at having all those pictures now saved on them), charging my camera's batteries, gathering up all my winter work gear and wrapping presents. I have added a whole new play list to my ipod, laced heavily with the Scott Wiggins Band, Cory Morrow and other Texas Country artists mixed with a little mainstream country and rock.
Tonight I need to wash my dishes, clean out my fridge (it looks like a science project), wrap one last gift, pack, load the car, and make sure to remember the Apples to Apples game and my old espresso maker!
Whew! So much to do, so much fun!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! While I'm sure there be other posts later in the day.. I am siting at my desk this week... I wanted to make sure I told everyone happy holidays! May God bless you and yours as we all celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a couple days!

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