Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WSGA Convention

This week I am at the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association's annual convention, held in Casper. It is a busy week filled with valuable meetings on a number of current, ag-related topics in the state. It's also a time to visit with a number of acquaintances, and meet new people. My job allows me to attend a number of these meetings and conventions, and bring that information back to our operation. In a number of ways my family and I consider my job an asset to the operation because of the amount of information I am subjected to that we otherwise wouldn't be. I have a lot of things to take home and discuss over Christmas after this week.
This Friday is our company Christmas party, and next week we will put out two papers in preparation for taking a week off for Christmas.
Hope everyone is getting their Christmas shopping wrapped up, and in the holiday spirit!
I will be back with more pictures and longer posts asap.

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