Thursday, April 28, 2011


My Easter weekend was wonderful. Saturday morning Holly and I dyed eggs. Sunday morning we went to a daylight, outdoor Easter service, followed by breakfast at our church. Sunday afternoon Kyle (the Easter bunny) hid the eggs for Holly to find.

Holly liked dying eggs, but was very frustrated that the crayon didn't show up when she drew on the egg...

She had fun finding eggs around the yard, and ended up having some help too.

Lots of help, and the kind that required a little supervision so they didn't take all the eggs.

We finally worked out a negotiation, and Emmie and Pearl were allowed one cracked egg out of Holly's basket.

Which was a big hit, and allowed Holly to continue her egg hunt without some stiff, short-legged competition of the canine variety.

While Holly enjoys hunting Easter eggs, she is no where near as into it as Kyle and I were at her age. We would practice for days, hiding the eggs for each other. It often snows in Wyoming this time of year, and following an incident where we came up one egg short, in the house, following one of our practice runs, all egg hiding and hunting is strictly an outdoor activity at our place.

These two were just fine with that, and thoroughly enjoyed racing around the yard with their egg.

Then they ate it...and it was gooooood!

"There's another bit down here somewhere!"

While this was all great fun, and wonderful family time, we all know, and focus on the fact that the real reason we celebrate Easter is because it's when Jesus died, and rose again.
Our pastor said a great statement during the daylight service that went something like, "Jesus died that we may be forgiven, and he rose again and lives so that we may have reason to live."
That's the true reason to celebrate this amazing holiday!

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