Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rude eating habits

There are certain cows that take the liberty of starting their meal a littler earlier than everyone else, as in while the hay is still on the feed pickup. We don't like this, as they tear up the bales, and pretty soon you end up with the whole bunch banging up your pickup and making a mess of everything.
But, despite consistent discouragement, there are those cows that are a constant pain in the butt in this area, and two in particular are cows of note due to their rude eating habits.

First up is this cow of my brothers, who likes to utilize the, "stay on the opposite of the pickup as the human and indulge away," tactic. She is relentless, and my dad has been known to reach through the gap you can see in the picture, and poke her nose with the pitchfork to get her attention.

Second is number 247, who will also eat cake right out of your hand. She looks completely innocent, you would never guess she just had her hay covered nose where it didn't belong, right? My dad likes his "cake muncher" cows, and every so often acquires one like her that is much more tame than the average range cow during feed time. This isn't a big problem when feeding cake, as the cows can't get to it, but her appeal as a cake muncher drops big time when you're feeding hay.

These two make the cows of note list, because they are often the sole reason you are standing out in the wind and cold, "guarding" the hay bales on the pickup. As I mentioned previously, Holly and I keep a pretty intense music listening session up while feeding, and we do not like that to be interrupted.
So, K1, and 247 are two cows of note for not so positive reasons, at least on feed days.

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