Friday, April 15, 2011

The Weekend!

A little bit of randomness for your Friday...
I am heading home, with the guy (interesting, fun, and descriptive term of reference to come...if I can think of one that does proper justice), to introduce him to the parents and help work a few yearlings tomorrow morning.
My new roommate for two weeks, and tenant after that, moved in last night and we got everything solidified, and I am super-excited/relieved/happy/breathing normally again now that I can check getting my house rented off the to-do list. Renting it to a great ag-gal who is really nice and lots of fun is just a great big bonus in my opinion.
I'm starting to feel my age again, and am just so thankful for how well everything is falling into place this month!
They do not make enough caffeine for months like this, or chocolate.
I enjoy architecture immensely, and as a result find myself snapping pictures of it from time to time. The above picture is a result of one such instantaneous whim to take a picture of an old house.
I know it's not exactly straight, but try as I might I couldn't get it to look "perfect" as far as straight goes, and finally decided to just leave it a little off kilter, and try to convince myself it adds to the run down, dilapidated state it's in.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Totally gorgeous! Have fun at home with the "guy"!