Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterns Day

I would like to take the time to thank all our past and current troops for the sacrifice's they have made to keep our country and its people free.

I am proud to be from the state with the highest number of people in the military per capita of any state in the nation (I didn't check the validity of this statement, but have heard it spoken as a fact by numerous times by several distinguished speakers around the state)

I can think of people from my high school class, of which there were 34 students, who were and still are serving in the military. Numerous other individual's from classes before and after mine, and people throughout my very small community, have fought for our country, many doing multiple tours of duty.

My mom asked one of these young men why he kept signing up for additional tours of duty, and he said that it was because he didn't have a family, and if he went back, that might keep one more person with a family here.

I remember the parades we had when convoys of troops drove through my hometown on their way to be deployed, and the flags we waved and their happy waves as they cruised by in their loud trucks, hummers and other green and black vehicles.

Both of my grandpa's fought for our country, at the expense of getting their college educations in both cases. One was a mechanic in the Navy, and the other was a pilot in the Army.

My grandfather that's still alive lists a college education as one of the most important things you can do with yourself, and will tell you all about his grandchildren's degrees and other accomplishments.

I have a facebook friend from college whose husband just returned from a tour of duty. It gave me a new perspective on military families as I read her posts throughout his deployment. They have two small children, and she made a lot of sacrifices too.

Thank you to all our military for what they do!

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  1. Tonight I'll be watching footage of WWII and be thinking about all those who never made it back home to their families. Thanks for the nice post dbl H.