Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas in the Country 2015 Reveal

I must confess I almost passed on participating in Christmas in the Country 2015. One frustrating aspect of motherhood for me has been an inability to get anything done before the very last minute (I'm trying to work on this), and I could see participating resulting in one more thing I would struggle to complete during the holiday season. While, yes, here I am writing this post on the last possible day, I am beyond grateful I did decide to participate for a third time! This was the best year yet in my opinion, and I have always found this gift exchange to be among my favorite aspects of the holidays.
Why was this year so great? I think it was largely due to who I was paired with, both on the receiving and giving end. Since this is a reveal, lets start with who sent me a gift. Her name is Terryn, and she blogs at Faith Family and Beef. She takes beautiful photos, is mom to three cute little kids that are always rocking adorable Stormy Kromers, and this lady has a way with words!  Above is a photo of most of what she sent me, and I am happily enjoying my third, ok fourth, cup of coffee in that super cute mug right now, doing my best to take its advice and sip versus chug :)  She also included a "poor girls latte" recipe that I put in a safe place, so safe I couldn't find it when I was ready to snap a picture. More coffee and hopefully my memory will return regarding its whereabouts!
The book has already been a big hit as my little boy loves anything that involves making noises, especially animal noises! I'm a big book nut, and am always thrilled to add a volume to my collection.
What you can't read here is her sweet note, which included a handful of her favorite Bible versus and what makes them stand out to her or how she has applied them in her own life. These really hit home with me! As a new mom there are incredible joys and some struggles. I gained so much peace reading her versus and accompanying tidbits on why they were so meaningful to her. I've kept these two sheets of paper near the surface, and they have found their way into my hands several, much needed times.
The last part of my gift was a gift certificate to the Faith Family and Beef Etsy page, where I am leaning strongly toward this photo/quote combination. Be sure to check it out, as she has some beautiful images of her Nebraska Sandhills home!
I already followed Faith Family and Beef on Instagram, but since receiving Terryn's gift I've started following her blog as well. Hearing her faith-based, ranch mom perspective has been such a blessing to me. I have definitely been needing hear much of what she has been writing about. Thank you so much for both the awesome gift and your blog, Terryn. Both have already served me well!
I also had the opportunity to send a gift to a wonderful Idaho ranch woman, blogger and photographer, Maggie Malson. How we didn't already know each other is beyond me, as Idaho and Wyoming (where I grew up) aren't that far apart in the ag journalism world. We have emailed a couple times already, and I am very excited to get to know Maggie better. Her photos are phenomenal, as is her writing! Plus, I can already tell she is a very genuine, kind gal.
In closing, I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies who came together to make Christmas in the Country 2015 such a success - Jamie from This Uncharted Rhoade, Laurie from Country Linked, Lara from My Other More Exciting Self, and Kirby from 15009 Farmhouse. You make this such a fun, enjoyable gift exchange. Plus, I am very grateful you put me in touch with two genuine, kind ranch moms that I can learn so much from! Thank you all again.