Friday, April 29, 2016

Branding Day Photos, 2016

On April 24 we raced the rain clock and branded, only to have the impending showers hold off a day. Then the clouds cut loose and blessed us with over an inch of moisture. In between cutting calves, I managed to snap a few pictures, mostly of gathering and sorting. Hope you are able to kick up your muddy feet and enjoy them.

Gathering the heifer pairs.

Is it a branding without a calf getting while gathering or sorting?

Out the gate she goes.

Some of these girls are suddenly showing more interest in their calf than they have over the course of its entire life.

 Away we go on the first bunch. Always fun to watch the ropers.

 On to the old cows, and more sorting.

 They are much more familiar with the drill.

 Just in case another calf should escape with the cows, these two are ready.

 My dad was one of the branders.

 My husband and his topnotch supervisor.

Nothing like branding with friends and family, then watching it rain for a week!