Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where I'm From

I spent the first 4 years of my life in this old farmhouse, located smack dab between Sundance and Upton, on the edge of the Black Hills.
I turned in across the highway from this landmark in my life on the way to conduct interviews yesterday, and couldn't help but stop and admire it for a couple seconds.
The upstairs window you can see was my parent's bedroom, and my brother and I shared the other bedroom located on the opposite side of the upstairs floor.

My family leased the place, and that's how we came to live there. We hayed the meadows, and would trail our cows to and from the home place, located a few miles beyond the pine trees in the left of the photo, two times a year.
Wasps would burrow into the carpet to stay warm in the winter, and would regularly sting Kyle on his way to bed (how I missed being stung is something I do not understand, but am nonetheless grateful for)
We learned to ride here, took toboggan rides in the winter and played in the creek in the summer. I burnt my hand really bad on the lawnmower exhaust pipe once, and more than a couple cows got out on the highway.

My uncle still leases part of if, and based on my best driving by and snapping a photo guess, these are his heifers.
It was a great place to live as a little kid.

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