Thursday, September 22, 2011


My little dachshund, Pearl, died in an accident yesterday. She was only three years old or so. She was and incredibly unique, smart and fun dog, and I've spent more time with her than most people in the last few years.

She came back to Wyoming from New Mexico with me, and became a family favorite in no time. She hated birds, and could be seen daily barking and chasing them around the yard. She also loved to play with balls, and shred them to pieces. She had no fear, and dove into every situation full force. In the winter when she didn't want to get up and go outside she would hide her face under her blanket. She would put her paws on my feet when I was getting dressed to go somewhere and growl at me in an effort to keep me home. She would also put her little front paws on the couch and make her eyes look big and hopeful and wag her tail when she wanted cuddled.

Gosh I miss her. But, I also know that having her around for a few years was worth the pain of losing her.

I'm sure there will be another mini dachshund in my future. I just think they're the coolest dogs. But, not right now, and there will never be another Pearl

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  1. Sorry about Pearl. She is cute in her picture and sounds like she had tons of personality. We had our old farm dog for 12 years - he was an outside German Shepherd/Lab mix. When our oldest daughter, Justine, wouldn't stay in school in Kindergarten, we told her if she would stay and not cry for the whole week, we would get her a dog. It was hers, she named him "Champ" and he truly was a champ - one of a kind dog. Tragically, she accidently ran him over with the car. It was early morning and the girls were leaving to go to the farm that they do chores. He was almost blind, deaf and was sleeping right under the car. They didn't even look - I will spare you the rest. I will tell you that we were blessed to have him, I think about him everyday. Blessings from Wisconsin!