Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The calves of fall

Last week I grabbed my camera and headed out to check the cow's water, with the goal of getting some nice photos of our whopping steer calves. It proved as easy as getting a photo of a group of elementary school-aged human males where they're all looking at you and smiling, but the beautiful day did lend itself nicely to capturing other members of the bunch.
I just love this old, falling down windmill!


One of the "pinkies," whose mother came with me from Wyoming.

There they are - the best I could do of multiple steer calves.

The heifer calves were much happier to pose.

These calves are out of our first-calf heifers, three-year olds, and a handful of my older cows. Some are AI bred (the lower numbers), and some are bull bred. We are very excited and nervous to sell the big end of the steers in the next couple weeks in what has been a record breaking calf market all year. The money they make us will have to last us an entire year, until we sell next year's calf crop.
Part of the reason for taking their picture is to remember the (hopefully) highest priced calves we've ever sold. We have been blessed with an awesome year in western South Dakota, and that in combination with the high cattle prices has us and our cattle in excellent spirits going into fall.


  1. I hope sale day goes awesome. It is a pretty exciting time to be in the cattle business. Won't it be fun to look back in 50 years at these pictures and tell the stories of this year's market prices. The calves look great.

  2. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. The pictures are great...keep up the good work!