Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My little sister

Meet my sister, Holly.
I have been wanting to do a blog on Holly for a while, but I had to get the ok from her rep (aka mom).

Holly is 10 years younger than I am, was born premature, and has down syndrome. Basically, Holly's differences are more visible than most peoples. She got thrown right in the family mix at our house from day one and has been treated as "normally" as possible (with the exception of some serious youngest child spoiling, which I, as the oldest, feel inclined to point out)

As a result of that mindset she exceeded her doctors expectations time and again. At first they didn't expect her to live, but she did. At 8 years old she could speak better than they predicted she would be able to as an adult. We aren't lazy and she doesn't get to be either. She can read, write and dialogue entire songs and movies by heart.

She loves spaghetti for breakfast (that makes me turn green), popcorn, watching movies over and over, going with anyone to anything, her cows, Tobey Keith, Carey Underwood, Taylor Swift..., yellow cars, telling stories, swimming, pink dresses (or pink anything else) and high heels.

Holly is amazing and a blessing to countless people. Our family has been exposed to so many wonderful people, projects and events because of her. She was and still is a miracle, and truly affects the lives of everyone who takes the time to know her.

The most important thing I've learned from her is to never give up and appreciate everything. The fact that I can easily pronounce words (most days) is something I sometimes take for granted. When I get frustrated over something I often stop and remind myself that I have those frustration because of things I am able to do, and also remind myself to be thankful for that ability.

Not that she's simple, far from it. But the traits I notice first in her aren't her great speaking ability or athleticism. It's the more important things, like faith, compassion, determination and happiness that come to mind. Her biggest loves in life are God and family.

She is the best sister and I try to be more like her.


  1. what a sweet, touching post about your sister! Holly is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. oh and if you email me your address, I should send you & Holly a postcard from my trip to Florida! :)

  3. that's a classic photo. :-) i'm glad i got to hang out with both holly and your brother when they were in town over super bowl weekend.