Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cornstalks, feedlots and fog

We headed to southeastern South Dakota/northwestern Iowa a couple weeks ago to check out a newer sprayer, and to see our good friends who just happened to buy our steer calves and my in-laws open yearling heifers. They also just welcomed their first baby into the world, and as expectant parents ourselves, it was nice to spend some time around a newborn, and new parents.
While everyone was tired of the cold, foggy weather conditions, it did make for some wonderful photos!
We found our calves, looking good.
It is so fun to see our cattle doing well for their new owner, and to see all the performance we work hard to breed into them coming to fruition.
We also went along to check and water cows, who were on corn stalks. I was amazed to learn that the vast majority of stalks in this area go ungrazed each year. Either because farmers don't want cattle in their fields or don't have cattle and don't care to lease out the stalks for grazing.

 My in-laws open heifers, which were weighing right at 1,400 pounds when we were visiting. I love looking at fat cattle, and these big girls did not disappoint!

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  1. Heather,
    Looks like you had a good trip and nice visit.

    One of my favorite things is seeing cows out grazing cornstalks. When I went to SDSU that is one of the first things I noticed, many cornstalks go unused in the winter.

    I love looking at fat cattle too! I worked for Cargill Meat Solutions (Excel) for 13 months after I graduated college. I was training to be a fat cattle buyer. I got to ride along with buyers and look at cattle on a regular basis.

    Have a fabulous rest of the week.