Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday in Sheridan

I was shipped to Sheridan for work Tuesday and was thrilled. These trips are one reason I love my job. After the last post I figured I should throw in something upbeat.
I arrived Monday evening after holding a Roundup paper under Emmie from Kaycee to my brother's house near Ucross.
Imagine me driving, blocking the gap to the backseat so Pearl can't jump on Emmie and quite possibly cause her to throw up, while also holding a newspaper under Emmie as she turns from her normal color to green and back again. I said a prayer of thanks when we all arrived without incident, despite it being touch and go for the last 50 miles.
Kyle's roommate made amazing chili and we caught up while watching the Sackett Brothers. Those guys have more westerns than a museum!
Tuesday morning the dogs and I headed into Sheridan with only a couple screeching halts on the side of the highway to take pictures of the first photo-worthy scenery I had seen in weeks! Nothing turned out very impressive, but I have been playing with the settings the boss left on the computer and this is something I came up. I don't think it will make any further than this.

My first interview was with Don Butler and will be in the upcoming edition of the Roundup. He was very interesting to visit with (I spent two hours talking to him over coffee in his shop) and he told a great story.
After that I had time to kill but not enough time to get in another interview before my next scheduled meeting. So I had to entertain myself and immediately bee-lined it for "Best out West" (sigh of happiness). This is a wonderful shop on main street filled with booths of jewelry, signs, home decor and a basement full of old furniture, paintings and other misc. antiques. I perused the treasures and came away with a couple new items. One was a turquoise necklace that I didn't get a picture of. Then there was this great print! I still have to clean the glass and possibly find a better frame, but I love it.
Met a friend for lunch at Los Agaves for wonderful mexican food then headed to Sheridan College to interview the machining department.
I am not a mechanical person, but I love the college's machining department. It's so cool what they make and how it's done. I got to wander around, taking pictures and looking at projects after the interview. My brother went through the program so it's one of those situations where I'm known as "Kyle's sister," which is fine by me. There's only a couple things you want to be known as in a room of 15 guys between the ages of 18 and 20.
My final stop in Sheridan was Photo Imaging Center, where I drooled over lenses and bags and flashes.
Next up was an interview with Dale, a hilarious guy that I saved for last because I knew it would take a while. He is a carpenter, among other things, and was busy working at his daughter's place south of Buffalo. He is also a distant relative and it was wonderful to walk right into a group of people who share my sense of humor. We laughed and caught up and told stories for an hour before heading to Dale's pickup for the interview. The truck was chosen because it was about 15 degrees in the building and I wasn't decked out for a day of hanging sheet rock and insulation in the cold! After the interview we continued with the stories, laughing and catching up. Two and a half hours after arriving (20 minutes of that was the interview) I left with a huge grin, feeling special to know such great people.
While at Dale's I also met a guy who sells worms (the kind you fish with) to local convenience stores. Want to talk about a business that makes you the brunt of all jokes!
On the way home I called my friend from NM and spent another 40 mins laughing and telling her about all my interesting experiences in Casper. She has the greatest sense of humor and is one of those people who makes me laugh so hard I cry.
Upon arriving home the hyper dogs shot out of the blazer and we called it a day.

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