Monday, February 15, 2010

What a great state!

I love Wyoming! Certain parts better than others but overall we have it pretty dang good in this state. I drove home from Casper much earlier than expected Friday afternoon because the great people I work with kept asking me when I was going to leave until I finally did.
All the way home I kept meeting people who waved at me. This is a gesture I have found to be very unique to our state. In NM very few people waved, even if they knew you. It's such a nice thing to be driving along and have someone raise an appropriate finger or all-out wave at you when you meet them.
When I say all the way home I mean up to the last 30 miles. For that part of the drive I didn't meet another vehicle and the only witnesses of my fast driving were some yearlings and mule deer, all of whom apparently remembered me and wisely got out of the way. When I reach this part of the drive it's as though I've been holding my breath and can finally release it.
Here are some other things I love about being from this state and living here. I have to remember these things sometimes when I'm in Casper, which doesn't always feel so appealing.

I love that if you're stopped on the side of the road for any reason (my reason is usually to take a picture) and anyone does happen by they will stop and ask you if you need help. Regardless of your answer it will be another 10 minutes before you continue on your way because your conversation will take at least that long.

Weather isn't an excuse here. Most places shut down when it gets too cold, windy, snowy or hot. I used to hate the winter weather, especially some of those particularly nasty Laramie days. But after living in an area that is perpetually in one season, I love the weather changes here.

I love the nice people in Cheyenne. I don't know why but whenever I'm in Cheyenne I constantly run into nice people who let you go in front of them in line, or back up at the gas station so there is room for my truck. Nice things like that always happen in Cheyenne and consequently I like to go there.

I find it humorous that people always place you based on your last name and where you're from. Just off that they can come up with somebody they know that you know. It's about two degrees of separation in this state (This is assuming the person is one of the 10 you haven't already met)

We actually have wildlife here. Which I credit largely to ranchers management practices and they land the keep out of development

There is a coffee shop and bar in practically every little town. I can even get a great latte at Mule Creek Junction (population 1 rest stop and 1 coffee shop) and a beer in Powder River or Lance Creek.

And many others that I will add later.

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  1. I hate when I give people a "farmer wave" off my steering wheel, Ohioan looks at me like an idiot.
    I miss Wyoming.
    But I love reading about it on your blog. :)