Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day full of bull

It was a beautiful 45 degree day with no wind or clouds north of Torrington yesterday. I was there for the Booth Family Bull Sale
Buying bulls is one of my favorite activities! I am fascinated by genetics and the potential to change a herd through genetic selection. Since my family doesn't AI, we do these things through selecting bulls. I spend hours each winter and spring pouring over catalogs, deciding if there are enough bulls that meet our specifications to attend a sale. I thoroughly enjoy this time spent researching producers and bloodlines, it's fun for me.
Then there is the day spent wandering through pens of bulls, looking at them, bidding on them and being outside. If my dad attends there are discussions and comparisons.
By the way my dad is awesome and I am so grateful he isn't one of those dads who was hesitant to let me do something because I'm a girl. He's actually quite the opposite and I've thrived thanks to that attitude. He's often said, "Most girls might not be able to that, but Heather isn't most girls." Every girl should be so lucky to have such a great dad who believes in them!
Anyway, my point is I had an awesome day yesterday and was fully in my element and am very thankful that my father let me take over the genetic selection side of our operation. It's what I love to do and yesterday was a blast!

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