Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Younger Brothers band

Yesterday I interviewed Chancey Williams and Travis DeWitt of the Younger Brothers Band. It was fun and since I am a true-blue Younger Brothers fan I was thrilled to visit with them.
I know, I know, I've seen them play more times then I can count and most of you probably have too. The shiny edge should be worn off them by now. But, the Casper band scene leaves a lot to be desired and with each passing week I have missed them more.
So last night I guilt-tripped the boss into coming to the Beacon with me on a Tuesday to listen for a while. All I have to say is that I can't wait until this weekend when there's someone to dance with!
It also reminded me of my college years...that makes it sound like they were a long time ago, which they weren't. Anyway, as they started their first number I was having serious flashbacks to the first street Cowboy Bar in Laramie. Much smaller, smokier and almost always packed. It was always fun when they played. It seems like everything has changed since then, which is a good thing for the most part.
But some things are the same, some of the good things. Much like Laramie I am sure I will run into random people I know this weekend at the Beacon (that's just part of the joy of living in Wyoming), at which point we will attempt to yell over the music for a while before giving up and enjoying our drinks. I'm pretty sure of this because I already have people facebooking, texting and calling me to ask if the Younger Brothers are in Casper this week, or to say they'll be here and will see me out.
There will be whiskey and dancing and even a Darryl Worley concert thrown in for the heck of it. Who knew Casper could provide so much entertainment? I know I was starting to doubt the town's ability to show someone a good time. I'm sure I will be giving an update after I recover. You can also catch the article in the March 5th Roundup**
**Disclaimer- I am in no way guaranteeing the story will be this particular edition. It's more of a rough estimate than set in stone.

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