Friday, February 19, 2010

What do you collect?

This week show us how you live is asking what people collect. Now this is something I do.
I traveled a lot in high school and college and have a pretty good collection of mugs from various cities and towns across the U.S. Most are glass with the location on them with a few shot glasses and coffee mugs mixed in. That's the boring collection.

My other collection is a set of Australian comics books called The Footrot Flats They are a HILARIOUS and based on a ranch in Australia and told from a border collies point of view (That's him sitting over there to the right). I have been known to scour EBAY for the editions I don't own and am very protective of them, but also willing to share the humor they contain. If you grew up around sheep you will find them especially entertaining.

And that's it for my collections, I've seriously considered taking up diamond or car collecting, but the overhead kills me. So, for now I'll stick with foreign comics and tacky drinking glasses.

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