Monday, February 22, 2010

Emmie Lou & Pearl Ann

Since I talk about my dogs constantly I decided they should be properly introduced. They are polar opposites and my primary source of entertainment.

Emmie Lou is a 9 lb toy Aussie and I have had her since my college days. She is kind, listens well and has been described as "a vets dream" for her ability to wrack up a bill there. She bounds out of bed before my feet hit the floor each morning, bouncing around and happy as a lark. She is all kindness and willingness to please and enjoys being the center of attention. I get asked about her name a lot and it stems from Emmy Lou Harris, who my parents listened to when I was growing up.

Emmie's loves:
Being scratched, held, pet, loved in any way.
Pleasing anyone nearby.
Chasing rabbits, birds, sheep, deer, etc.
Playing fetch.

Emmie's hates:
Water in any volume larger than her water dish will hold.
Baths, since they involve water.
Getting in trouble.
Other dogs picking on Pearl.
Being picked on by my brother.

Pearl is my mini Dachshund. I acquired her when I left NM and she is a 9 pound ball of personality. She doesn't give a crap what anyone says and the only thing getting after her accomplishes is scaring Emmie. She sleeps in and usually jumps off the couch, stretches and gives a half-hearted wag of the tail around 7:00 each day. If something scares her she just leaves the situation and good luck finding her. I wanted to name her Penny, but that sounds too much like Emmie, so Pearl it was.

Pearl's loves:
Killing any new toy or ball and breaking her previous time record in the process.
Racing and chasing people around the house.
Wiggling in next to you on the couch and sleeping.
Looking tough.
Faking deafness.

Pearl's hates:
People, particularly one guy from NM that was my good friends bf.
The Akbash sheep guard dog, he chased her and she ran into the herd of sheep and got run over. She blames him for the whole incident.
Cold weather.
New situations.
Did I mention people?

Together they love to chase just about anything, with their specialty being birds, cats and livestock. Pearl is personally responsible for killing 18 chickens, and one cat that I am aware of.
They also love to go anywhere I am going. Pearl spends the drive wandering around, shoving Emmie off her seat or curling up in the cleanest available coat. Emmie prefers to hang out the window, curl up in the second cleanest coat, or sit on the center consul. However, she also spends a lot of time trying not to puke since she gets car sick.
They fight like two kids and every night sit on the floor until Pearl puts her front paws on the couch and they both give me the, "please mom," look. At which point I almost always give in and let them up. After some petting and scratching Emmie stretches out on the opposite end and Pearl digs under my blanket and roots in as close to me as she can get.
Both have been kicked, stomped on and beat up and Emmie usually goes to the vet and Pearl comes out without a scratch. They don't care much for town, but hey, were all in agreement on that one. I love my little dogs and like I said, they provide a lot of entertainment.


  1. adorable! I write about dogs for my job, so I love blog posts about other people's pups. :) Great photos, too.