Thursday, June 16, 2011

I thought I'd never see this

Below is something I didn't think I would ever witness in my lifetime.

Be forewarned that it was quite shocking to see for the first time...

My father and uncle using their cell phones while riding.

Sorry if you were expecting something else.

I was caught very off guard when my uncle asked if I had my cell phone on me a couple weeks ago when we were gathering and trailing cows. I did that particular day, but it was turned off and in the bottom of my camera bag. I asked why, and he replied that he would just call me when he wanted me to open a particular gate we were trailing some cows through. I was on a 4-wheeler due to my horse being injured, and thus assigned such jobs and zooming out in front of the bunch to open a gate or turn them.

He ended up having left his phone in the pickup, so my dad showed him how to use his, and I snapped the above photo during the lesson.

It worked well, and is a great example of how technology can be used to increase efficiency on a ranching operation. I know lots of people who have cell service, and use cell phones, on their operations, but this is the first location we've run cattle on that boasted cell service of any kind. While I doubt we will ever be the type of people who are on our phones all day while doing ranch work, it is a very handy service to have in certain situations.

However, I am still surprised any time I see these two men trailing cows and making phone calls, all at once.

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