Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Heartwarming Trucking Tale

My dad and brother have a trucking business, and haul a lot of hay this time of year. A few weeks ago, on a cold, windy, nasty day when the temperature was around 0 degrees and the wind was making it feel much colder, my brother pulled into the Belle Inn, in Belle Fourche, SD, where he often parks overnight and/or eats on his hay runs.
As he got out of his truck, another trucker pulled in, and my brother heard his airline break. He flagged the guy down, and told him about his airline. He said the guy was tired and a little grumpy, and doggedly told my brother thanks for letting him know. My brother went on inside to eat.
Partway through his meal, this same guy came in, practically blue from the cold. After warming up a little, he asked the restaurant patrons, of which a large percentage were truckers, if any of them had a particular tool he needed to get his air hose off. Nappa was right next door, but didn't sell them. My brother had the tool, and piped up that he would help him.
Outside they both went, and upon seeing what had happened to the air hose, my brother realized he had all the parts necessary to repair it right there. He is very mechanical, and prepared to make any number of minor truck-related repairs in any situation. So, my brother rooted around in his stash of parts he keeps on-hand in his truck, found all the necessary parts and tools, and helped the guy fix his air hose right there in the parking lot. This prevented a lot of rooting around in the frigid temperatures to get to the other end of the air hose, and saved the time it would take to wait for it to be fixed, and the guy was very grateful.
The next morning, there was a gift card on my brother's semi windshield to the Belle Inn for his breakfast, and a thank you for his help the night before.
: )

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